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Laser cooling machine is used for cooling the 300W fiber laser

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But customers in Jiangsu Mr.Yang June in our special domain company purchased the CW-6000AN cooler (cooling capacity of 2700W), used for cooling the 300W fiber laser, we recommend customers use CW-5300AI this chiller, cooling capacity of CW-5300 reached 1800W, fully meet the requirements of customers, but also saves the cost. The fiber laser is expensive, as a precaution, customers choose the greater cooling capacity CW-6000AN.
Today, once again received Mr.Yang orders, is also needed to cool the 300W fiber laser, the customer said with a laugh, "after several months of testing, cold water machine run stably, this time using our advice, try CW-5300AI the cold water machine"
Sales of the concept of specific domain: cold water machine for customers to select suitable.
Special domain always adhere to the "integrity, pragmatic, forge ahead" business philosophy, service to every customer.

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